Future commercial spaceports will consist of both government and privately-owned-and-operated launch and landing sites

Every company is a space company,

they just don’t know it yet.

After the internet, every company became an internet company. Then every company became a tech company. Now I argue that every company is a space company, they just don’t know it yet.

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The development of commercial spaceports not only offers an opportunity to increase the safety, capacity, efficiency, and resiliency of space operations, but it also creates multiple opportunities for private investors, such as real estate developers and leasing companies.

New Space Economy

Infrastructure financing relating to fuel supply, transportation, rail and shipping lines will also allow traditional investors to support the New Space Economy.

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Continued progression in Fixed-Based Operators (FBOs), Spaceport Bases of Operations (SBOs), payload processing, human spaceflight training, and maintenance/repair facilities will create new jobs and help to develop a specialized workforce in the surrounding areas which will serve as technology hubs, strengthening the aerospace industrial base and allowing for a robust space launch infrastructure.

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