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EarthCARE Falcon 9 Block 5 SpaceX

May 28


EarthCARE: Unveiling the Climate with Advanced Space Tech (Launch: Tue • May 28th, 2024
3:20 PM PDT
Vandenberg SFB, CA, USA)

Mission: EarthCARE, a joint effort by ESA and JAXA, will use advanced instruments to study clouds, aerosols, and radiation.

Launch Vehicle: Falcon 9 Block 5 by SpaceX.

Impact: EarthCARE’s data will improve understanding of climate change and guide future climate models.


  • ATMS: Measures vertical profiles of aerosols, clouds, and water vapor.
  • CPR-D: Measures vertical distribution and motion of clouds with high precision.
  • 3MI: Captures detailed images of clouds and aerosols.


  • Improved understanding of how clouds and aerosols affect Earth’s energy balance.
  • Answers to key questions about climate change.
  • Valuable data for developing climate mitigation strategies.




May 28